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How To Earn Money Playing PUBG

How To Earn Money Playing PUBG
How To Earn Money Playing PUBG

Earn Money Playing “PUBG”

If you have an interest in playing realistic games, then you must hear about the PUBG. PUBG is the most famous online game among youngsters nowadays. Most users spend a lot of time while playing PUBG, which is only a waste of time. One can make this time utilise when playing PUBG. You can earn money while playing PUBG. There are methods to earn money while playing PUBG. Most of the people earn revenue while playing PUBG. % 5

  • Online Tournaments
  • Sell PUBG Items
  • Live To Stream
  • Sell Your Account
  • Become A Coach

Online Tournaments:

By playing online one can make money through PUBG. The online tournament will help to win the great cash prizes to the person who will be alive at the end of the game. Tournaments can be played in the form of groups as well. There are online platforms their which organised tournaments such as ToornamentFACEIT, GamerzArena.

If you are willing to go beyond the limits than join LAN events which have a great number of cash prizes. Another way to earn is to sign up in the American League and win the tournament gives a huge amount of prize.

Sell In-game Items:

Although playing games are time-consuming but make it beneficial for yourself by selling your PUBG items to the stores where they purchase items no matter how expensive they are. They have a craze of getting items and moving forward in new levels.

When you play PUBG, you earn game points these game points are used to buy crates. When you purchased the crates, you can keep them or sell them and earn money while selling that crates to others.

 Live Streaming:

One can earn through the live streaming of PUBG. If you are already playing PUBG, you can earn by creating a channel and start doing streaming of PUBG.

This is the best way because PUBG is the most famous game on the internet and people are engaged in playing PUBG. So this is the better chance for the one to earn through live streaming by downloading OBS Software.

Sell Account:

If you spent 1000+ hours on PUBG and have many game points and crates, but you are now fed up with playing the PUBG. You can place your account on G2G, PlayerAuctions platforms and earn money through it. Through these websites, you can earn money and utilise your precious time.


The account will be selling in the case when you have high game pints and crates so most of the users will attract towards account. In this way, you can sell your account in a reasonable amount.

 Become A Coach:

The people who are conscious of playing games can hire the coach for their training. The PUBG player hires the coaches to get that “chicken dinner”.

You can earn money by becoming a coach. You can make your team and teach them various skills. You can give them a coaching class and keep your eye on their performance.

You can become a coach on the sites Gamer Sensei, Bidvine.


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