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How The NBA Fell Short In Its Dealings With China

How The NBA Fell Short In Its Dealings With China
How The NBA Fell Short In Its Dealings With China

How The NBA Fell Short In Its Dealings With China

Housten Rocket executive of NBA tweets in order to show humanity with the students of China protesting against the Chinese government. He posted in expressing solidarity with a social activist in Hong Kong. The tweet of Housten Rocket is as follows “ Fight for freedom, stand with Hong kong”. He was commenting on the protest by students in Hong Kong.

Although the Rocket delete his tweet and they are facing the anger of the Chinese government. In order to resist the anger of China, the NBA publishes a textbook that includes the data not to do. The league is posting conflicting statements instead of thinking that their statements create a hurdle for them. They gave conflicting statements thinking that China has free speech principles.

NBA commissioner Adam silver state the two issues he clarifies the league position and Rocket tweets. He also regrets upsetting in China but wouldn’t limit free speech for people of the league.

After this China cancels the preseason of NBA  broadcast in China country. Chinese state-run broadcast of both Nets and lakers game. The CCTV releases the news about NBA tweets which is as follows.

“ We have noticed the statement of Adam silver’s response to the ill-suited remarks of Houten Rocket. We are fully unsatisfied and opposed to the statement of Silver’s claims of supporting the Rocket’s tweet of having freedom”.

The CCTV reported on Tuesday that

“We think any remark that challenges the jurisdiction of the country and it is not included in free of speech”.

The network also states that “they will investigate all the cooperation and exchange with the NBA.

Chinese people are angry about the statement of Rocket and the Chinese fans also dislike the words against the government.

There are two matches in Shangai on Thursday. But due to the conflict, the Chinese government stop the online tickets of the game will be unavailable. The CCTV  news announced that we are not broadcasting the NBA games because of inappropriate words said by Rocket.

Chinese celebrities are boycotting against the NBA. According to the USA all the actors, musicians are pulling out themselves from china NBA games. They are opposing the NBA statement and boycotting the NBA games due to which  NBA Fell Short In Its Dealings With China.

NBA is facing this much loss due to the mistaken remarks of Housten Rocket. Li-Nang another supporting website of selling sports goods state that the section devoted to the NBA is suspended and no one can access it now. Hupu, a sports website suspended all the coverage of the NBA from the website and locked the section from his website due to the comment of Rocket’s statement about Hong kong protest.

But the NBA still hoping of everything gets betterment of hong kong people. They hope that the NBA or sports will act as a united force that acts as a bridge to bring the people together. But the Chinese government totally opposed the NBA.

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