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How To Approved AdSense Account

How To Approved AdSense Account
How To Approved AdSense Account

How To Approved AdSense Account

Google AdSense is the program initiated by Google by which website publishers in the Google network of the content site want to hit the target audience by displaying images, videos, and attractive posters of various products alongside the content. This article will help you how To Approved AdSense Account.

Earning by AdSense:

How much one can earn through Google AdSense?

There is no particular amount of earning through AdSense because it depends on the following factors which are as follows.

Type of Ads on your website:

When one has great traffic on the website they can get amount by using Google AdSense. One can display ads that are on the website so when users click. Ad auction is used to select the ads that will display on our site. So the system automatically selects the Advertisers who are willing to pay for displaying the Ads and this article will tell you How To Approved AdSense Account.

Pricing of Ads:

The Ads display on websites will pay according to their budget. There is no fixed price of Ads advertisement. The rate varies from company to company.

Increment in Earning:

The increment in earning from Google Adsense will be possible when one uses many products of Adsense.


This depends on the CPC of the country. The CPC of Pakistan is less than other countries which mean less earning. The more the users of developing countries the more will be revenue generate through Ads.


Cost per thousands of impressions. In this, the advertiser will pay you a fixed amount without clicks.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying Google Adsense:

Before applying one should know the eligibility criteria so they can get better revenue from Google Adsense.

  • If you are under 18 you can not use this service. Your mother can use this so she can handle the tax issues.
  • You must have your own website. You can access the HTML code of your website. You don’t own the other website domain.
  • Your site must be active for at least last six months so Google will allow you for Google Adsense. This policy is for assuring the advertisers.
  • If Google disables Ads on your website or disables your account. Must read the terms and services of Google Adsense. You must read the email of Google as well.
  • These services are made by Google. Users must follow these rules in order to get register in Google Adsense. In case of failure, Google can disable your account as well. Then you will be ineligible for applying in Google Adsense.

Google Policies for How To Approved AdSense Account :

Content Guidelines:

The person who is publishing the content is responsible for the content whether it is written by the publisher or not.

Own content:

The content display on the website must not be copied from other websites because this will be in copyright violations. Avoid hidden links and focus on your content.

Content from scratch:

This means that your site must contain catchy content, images, and videos. So this will attract a lot of users to the website and help to create a better revenue.

Don’t click on your own ad:

If you are applying for Google Adsense don’t click on your own Ads just to get more clicks it will cause rejection from Google Adsense.

Don’t ask anyone for clicks:

Make sure your website is not for making money purposes or any other purpose. The website must contain the content that engages the reader on the website. Don’t ask anyone for clicks.

Location of Ads:

If you own the website make sure that the location of Ads must be away from the content. Because if the Ads are away in this way the violation of rule will not take place.

For example, if someone has a website of games and they should place Ads away from games control so the user will not click on it accidentally. Don’t place the Ads on videos just for video streaming. If you are willing to earn through video streaming than there are methods on Google Adsense terms and policies.


Reasons for Rejection from Adsense:

There are many reasons to get rejected from Google Adsense which are as follow:

Inappropriate Content:

It means that your site contains content that is not too good. It may have a grammatical mistake or may have a sentencing issue. So due to which more traffic will not be on your site and that’s why Google Adsense will reject your site.

Low traffic:

this is due to the reason that you may new on the internet. Or your content is not good so that’s why the traffic is very low and fewer users are using your site.

Under 18:

Google Adsense will reject the request when you are under 18. If you are under 18 and want to start work you can work is accepted when working with your parents or with any trustworthy person.

Already Blocked:

If you are blocked by Google Adsense before than the chances to get in with Google Adsense are rare for this you have to remain in touch with Adsense Customer Support.

How to get approval from Adsense:

In order to get approval from Google Adsense, it is a very tough task especially for Pakistani blogger, you tuber, and website developer but it is not tough if you follow the following rules which are as follows.

  • Purchase a unique domain name
  • The content must be unique
  • There must be 15-20 unique posts on your website.
  • There must be huge traffic for approval of Adsense.
  • Use efficient and navigating a website so which is easy to use for users.
  • Write the content in English.
  • Make sure while applying for approval that you have no Ad on your website.

Otherwise, you will be rejected by Google.

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In which format the Ads will appear:

Many advertisers show their Ads in the form of images. This will engage the audience and generate revenue. The requirement of Google for image format is as follows.

  • Images must have size 150KB
  • Must be in JPG, GIF, PNG files supported only.