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How To Double Your Freelance Rates

How To Double Your Freelance Rates (Without Your Clients Knowing)
How To Double Your Freelance Rates (Without Your Clients Knowing)

How You Can Double Your Freelance Rates (Without Your Clients Knowing)

You may think of increasing your freelancing rates, but you don’t know how to double your freelance rates, and your client accepts it? As it is mentioned in my many previous articles that unemployment rising, and due to that, more people are coming into entrepreneurship or freelancing. Freelancing is becoming more popular day by day due to the no investment and high rate of profit. Freelancing is attracting more and more clients and freelancers towards this business.

As the demand for freelancing increasing day by day, competition is also growing steadily constantly. Increased competition means more freelancers in the market for performing a job. Now here is the problem. Freelancers are afraid to raise their charges because they know the market is having more freelancers now and they can be replaced if they ask for more fees. People think the lesser they charge, the higher the chance of getting hired for them. Which is in one way is right.

Businesses have to increase the rate of their products and services to deal with market demand, inflation, and other factors.

If you won’t increase your prices, your business has no chance to grow, no matter how many years you put into your work or how much you have been improved.  However, your client is also doing business, your client doesn’t want to increase the expense but profit.

In this situation, you need to figure out how to increase your rates in a positive to your clients and have a strategy.   You can increase your rates by 100% without your client knowing it. How You Can Win Freelance Jobs Online

  • Set A Per-Project
  • Perform With Intelligence Rather Harder
  • Meet Client Expectations – Satisfy Them
  • A Shift From Lowest Paying Clients
  • Remember Your Worth

Happy double your freelance rates!

Set A Per-Project 

Many of us charge their clients by the hour for our work rather than asking for a per-project rate. This is the easiest and strategic way to increase the price. We prefer to charge an hourly rate because it’s easy to calculate it because sometimes it’s difficult for you to estimate the project completion time. So to charge per hour is more feasible in this case

But remember you are limiting your earning with on your time and setting yourself for such a difficulty every time you want to increase your charges.

If you are working on per hour rate, you have to struggle for you earning, you can increase you’re winning by sitting long hours or cheat your client by slowing gown the process of doing work. This will put you in the wrong book of your client and negative feedback from your client.

You can switch to the project-based model from hour based rate by introducing price per task. You can ask your client to divide the full complete project into small tasks. For example, building an essential website, then add animation, then further addition can be other tasks.

However, if you’re already working and charging fees hourly basis with your current clients, then it’s easy to switch a project-based fee model. Rather than increase your hourly rates So that you can simply set a price per task.

Perform With Intelligence Rather Harder

Now, as you are shifting to per task or per project model rate, it is easy for you to increase your hourly rate by performing exceptionally well. You can think another way out or maybe a complete 1-day project in half and consume that half-day in other tasks or with family.

Check what the other ways to speed up your work are. You can explore technology and research different theme which can help you to think intelligently and complete project using time efficiently.  Use software for your task rather than wasting time on doing manually. Use software which automated your work. You can hire virtual assistants for less amount and save your time and put that time on some valuable task.

Meet Client Expectations – Satisfy Them

I read in different articles where they claim not to overdo the work for low charges. But my experience says to provide extra to your client. They will be loyal to you and give you 5 start feedback. Which not only help you increase your rate but attract other clients towards you?

A Shift From Lowest Paying Clients

Some client doesn’t want you to increase your rates. They insist you work for low. Sometimes you have to do because you don’t have clients, but that affects your work, efficiency and time. It’s better to shift to a new client than to stick to old. Market your work and gigs to the market so that new clients start a business with you and you have a chance to bargain with your clients and shift from wrong to right clients.

Remember Your Worth

There’s no motivation behind why, as a freelancer, you ought to work a more significant number of hours than an ordinary 9-to-5 job or marginally scratching by on the cash you gain. You are the boss of your recognize your worth and charge what you deserve.

Remember if you are e skilled and you give a quality product to your client. The feedback on your portfolio is 5 stars. Don’t hesitate to increase your rate. A good client will come to you automatically.

Have you attempted any of these strategies to expand your earning? Do you have some other thoughts? We’d love to hear your comments. Contact us for your feedback.