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How to Earn Money with Facebook

How you can earn money with facebook
How you can earn money with facebook

How to Earn Money with Facebook

Everyone using Facebook nowadays, it becomes a habit of everyone that if they have a busy schedule, they will use Facebook as well. Most of us don’t know how to utilise this time to earn money with Facebook. We can earn by following ways which are as follow:

1.Create an attractive profile:

Create an engaging account and post the solution to any problem and make it public. Make the profile attractive by using a professional profile picture on your account.

A picture is worth more than thousands of words”.

2. Selling products to Earn Money with Facebook:

If you are willing to sell some products and want to get more customer than post the images of your product on the Facebook account and description of those items which you have to sell. Give a brief description of the products that you want to sell and earn a lot of revenue. You can sell everything from a laptop to mobile phones and furniture as well. Add location as well, so one can understand the distance from one’s home.

3. Join Facebook pages:

If someone wants to sell the products, it’s not possible to sell products to a friend you must join the local groups of selling and buying. Facebook provides a facility to join the group and post in it and in other groups as well.

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4.Generate traffic:

Traffic means a lot of people using your site because it is very helpful for those visitors. This is also useful for the Facebook page as well. One can generate significant traffic for his website. Facebook also provides a facility to the user that it shows your page to those who want to see it, not everyone.

5.Facebook Ads:

If you become successful in creating high traffic, then there are other methods to earn revenue. That is ads posting on facebook. Ad posting is the small banner on the side of the profile, which will give a specific amount to the person who allows them to add ads on his page.

6. Sell affiliate products:

Selling affiliate products at popular sites helps one to earn high revenue and to make the business popular as well. Whenever one clicks on a link, and you will get a commission on it as well.

7.Enter Contests:

Many famous companies run a contest to check people’s suggestion. You can earn through it by sharing their posts in various groups and also on their profile as well. Many contests are free; they just have to share the link only.

8.Social media manager:

One who remains online can earn from this by managing the various Facebook account. Social media assistant has many responsibilities such as

  • Scheduling social media post
  • Communicate with followers
  • Creating social media graphics
  • Generate audience
  • By ad posting
  • Maintain traffic
  • Respond to comments as well.

9. Ads posting:

Facebook ads provide a facility to earn through posting an Ad on Facebook. Many companies post their catalogue on Facebook to target the specific audience.

10. Video Content:

Nowadays, the public prefers videos instead of images. Facebook live call facility engaged so many people in such a manner that the daily broadcast time of Facebook increases four times greater than last year.

11. Facebook Messenger Service:

Another essential feature is  Facebook messenger service which allows the user to contact directly with the companies. Moreover, the ads of companies are shown in messenger as well, and one can quickly reach the company to get information about products.