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How To Get Approval For Fiverr

How To Get Approval For Fiverr
How To Get Approval For Fiverr

How To Get Approval For Fiverr

In the freelance market, everyone wants to sell his/her skills on Fiverr or on another platform. But due to the less information and their criteria, people are forced to work with a local client. As a result, due to the high demand for freelancers, local clients exploit their skills and hard work and give very nominal rewards to them. To work in the market to explore client for you, you need to have approval for Fiverr and start your work in gigs markets. This article helps you to get approval for Fiverr.

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Approval for Fiverr:

Many people want to make a profile on Fiverr and don’t know about terms and conditions. Fiverr is different from Upwork. It has no strict policy as Upwork and account approval is much easier than Upwork. There are no hard and fast rules like Upwork.


Your profile represents how you are and what your expertise is and what you can do for the client. There are the following steps to approve the Fiverr account.

Personal Information:

  • Fill out your full name
  • In the profile picture section, upload an original profile picture.
  • Description: in this section introduce yourself and the community.
  • While in the Languages section, select languages.

Professional Information:

  • In the occupation field, select expertise.
  • The skill section contains the skill that you have, the client. These skills may include the work that you did in the past.
  • In the education section, you have to define the qualification.
  • Personal website link section need your website URL
  • The certification section includes the certificate you earned after giving the test.

Link Accounts:

  • In this section, you have to tell about the accounts that you are using, such as LinkedIn, Facebook. Then click on Continue.


  • In this section, you have to give the email address for verification.
  • You have to give the phone number to the community to verify.
  • Make a new gig.