What SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

What SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

What SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019? SEO is a long process that requires effort, time, and money. You’ll definitely not want to waste any of these by adopting techniques that the search engines do not consider authentic.

Similarly, ignoring the right way to do things could also leave your website in disarray. To help you avoid all these issues, we have come up with this article in which we are going to highlight some of the SEO mistakes that you might be doing as a beginner. Have a look at these points and ensure that your efforts are going in the right direction.

Don’t Stuff Keywords

You don’t need to stuff keywords in your articles or blog posts. Keywords worked when Google was a bit naïve about this concept. But with the new updates of Google and even the other search engines, stuffing is penalized. So, make sure to keep the use of keywords natural to avoid this mistake.

This will help you in getting better results from SEO. At the same time, with the use of keywords in a natural way, the content would be more useful and understandable by the audience.

Don’t Exchange Links

Getting backlinks from authoritative websites is one of the good techniques to boost your rankings. However, if you are exchanging links with a view that both the websites would manage from each other’s domain value, then we are sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but such a link exchange won’t give you any value.

You’ll be wasting your time by looking for link exchange. If you are going to continue this practice more than once, then there are high chances that Google and other search engines would consider it a deliberate effort to manipulate the algorithms, and as a result, you can get penalized.

Not Making An Investment In High-Quality Content

As everyone says, content us the king. If you are not investing in generating high-quality content for your website, then you are actually committing an SEO mistake. Why? Because SEO can only be done on content that would be liked by the readers.

If the content is not adding any sort of value, even the first rank on the first page of search engines won’t give you the desired result. So, make you write informative and valuable content. In case you can’t manage it on your own, you should hire an expert in the field to get the content.

Poor Link Structure

Search engines crawl your websites based on the links that are present on your website if you have not created internal links for the articles on your website; you are simply creating orphaned content. Search engines won’t be able to crawl this content properly, and as a result, it won’t be indexed. Thus, this is the mistake that most of the beginners in SEO actually do. So, make sure you make meaningful links on your website.

Lack Of Mobile Optimization

As most of the audience to the website comes via mobile, so it is essential to optimize the website for the mobile phone users. Actually, optimization of the website for mobile phone users has no longer remained a choice. If you won’t optimize, then search engines would reduce your rankings, and you won’t really want that to happen.

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Non-Incorporation Of SSL

SSL provides an extra layer of security in which the data, being shared between the visitor of your website and you, is being encrypted, thus reducing the chance of security breach. It is one of the SEO mistakes that most of the website owners are unaware that the lack of SSL on your website has a negative impact on your ranking.

Google Chrome has even started marking the websites without SSL as not safe. The safety warning can even inhibit the users from clicking on your website, creating a negative impact on the long-term reputation of your website or brand on the users.

Conclusion Of What SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

These are some of the prominent SEO mistakes of 2019. Some of these mistakes can be traced back to the limited knowledge of the website owner regarding SEO, whereas the other mistakes are because of the changing algorithms of search engines. In order to avoid these mistakes, it is essential that you must keep your knowledge updated through different sources.