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Seven Habits that Unintentionally Waste Your Time

Seven Habits that Unintentionally Waste Your Time
Seven Habits that Unintentionally Waste Your Time

Seven Habits that Unintentionally Waste Your Time

To succeed in life and go ahead, time must be given prime importance. A minute here and there does not feel like much, but at the end of the day, it matters a lot. If you want to be a successful person, there are two ways. First, find more time in your day. Second, eliminate time-wasting habits that unintentionally waste your time

Now, let’s have a look at various habits that waste your time.

Checking Email Constantly

Checking email, again and again, wastes our valuable time. These can include unimportant contacts to interfere with your day, or taking too much time to draft your messages. Only important emails should be read.


It may not sound good, but multitasking also wastes your time. Multitasking has become a bad habit for many people. Your brain can focus on one thing at a time more efficiently. Multitasks makes our brain less productive and retrains it to focus at all.

Failing to Delegate

These days, people are reluctant to delegate. They insist on doing everything by themselves. They even insist on doing such things at which they are not good at. As a result, they give a major portion of their day to this task. It’s a waste of time.

Always Saying Yes

Always saying yes to those projects which are not too productive is a wastage of time. These can include unproductive personal engagements or additional work assignments. Saying “no” can sometimes be very useful. As long as you are respectful and polite, there would not be any consequences.

Taking More Time to Decide

We spend a lot of time in a state of indecision. There is always an internal debate going on whether to start a project now, leave it to tomorrow, or cancel it. Every minute spent thinking about your decision, is a potential minute wasted.

Too Many Meetings

Meetings are an important part of your life, but there are alternatives. Meetings include too many people and are often poorly arranged. This can take up a major portion of our day. Turn your meetings to email updates to save time.

Too Much Social Media

We waste a lot of our time unintentionally on social media. How often do you check your social media feeds throughout the day, or just wander here and there in search of a game? Too much social media is a curse and is must be avoided.


How To Save From These Habits

To eliminate these habits from your life, the following measures should be taken:

Make a schedule

Create a proper schedule for yourself and follow it daily. Include the things which you perform daily and give it a fixed time.

Put Away All the Distractions

One way to avoid wasting time is to put away all the distractions while working. Don’t allow anyone to interact with you at that time. Keep yourself focused and relax.

Take Action Quickly

Address matters as soon as they come up. Take care of small issues immediately. Don’t leave it for tomorrow. This will save your time which can be utilized for other projects.


Despite all these habits which waste our time, it is within our power to transform these things into something positive and productive. The only thing which we need to do is to take it as a challenge and accept it.

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