What Is Authoritarian Leadership


What is Authoritarian Leadership

 Authoritarian leadership shows behavior that shows authority as well as control over employees and accepts only obedience from employees. Authoritarian leadership can be seen in Western and Eastern civilizations.

Employees who are working under authoritarian management have to obey the management because of the solid control on them. This impact negatively on employee behavior and employee show less trust in management. If a manager is authoritative, the employee will be showing counterproductive behavior in return.

To prove their authority the authoritarian leaders don’t welcome the suggestions and employee’s ideas. It demotivates employees and employee loses the confidence and prefers not to share the idea. Hence, the informal learning of ideas among employer and employee stops. Authoritarian managers believe that he is the most knowledgeable and superior in the organization. This perception leads to work on their desires and neglect the employee’s suggestion. And they dictate employees what to do and what not to do.

Authoritarian Leadership
Authoritarian Leadership


In literature, it considers a destructive leadership style (Aycan, 2006), because it has a negative impact on organizational citizenship behavior. And it destroys the behavior of the employees. Hence, we may affirm that this style is not good style of leadership as it has a negative impact on employee confidence and trust in the organization.

According to Aryee et al. (2007), authoritarian leaders have a tendency to dominate and promise rewards for obedience. An employee works for the manager but only because they have fear of punishment not because they care employer and the organization. This pressure of punishment suppresses the employee flow of new ideas and creativity. (Mumford et al., 2002).

The environments, in which employee working can make and destroy employee commitment towards the organization, this suffocating environment decline the performance and creativity of employees. Authority decreases the communication which negatively influences the information flows (Wood, 2005). This cause low employee involvement.

Conclusion Of What is Authoritarian Leadership:

This style of leadership more focuses on power and demand obedience on another hand. It negatively influences the employee motivation and commitment of employee which may cost the organization in the form of violation, work deviance and turnover.

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