What Is Moral Leadership

What Is Moral Leadership
What Is Moral Leadership

Moral Leadership

Leadership style is a vital part of every organization, whether it is a small scale or large scale. A leader not only guides the organization towards the goal of the organization but also influence employees of the organization for working with dedication and commitment. An employee plays an essential role in the success of any organization. Moral leadership style helps the organization to accomplish its objective because it assists not only employee but also help them to generate a good result.  Moral Leadership is the most effective leadership style that motivates the employee and also increases the trust of the employee into the organization.

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unselfishness and superior virtues

In this competitive era, the employee is the one who flourishes the organization’s goal. As a requirement for an organization to be successful, Moral leadership is famous over the year (Sebastian et al. 2013). It shows self-disciple, generosity, and excellent virtues. As a result,  employee trusts the management style, perceive justice, empowerment, organization citizenship, and commitment.

Discipline In The Organization

A moral leader improves the relationship between employer and employee. Through employee identification with the leader make employee follow the leader’s intentions and value, which is the result of more discipline in the organization.

Informal communication

Moral leadership encourages informal communication with employers and employees. The exchange of ideas will create creativity and innovation in the organization and improves the relationship between them. However, this flow of ideas increases the knowledge of the employee and helping them to survive in a crisis situation.

Organization leaders must observe and understand the importance of the behaviour of the employee at an organization. The human resource leader enhances the relationship between the employee and employers as its role model for employees.

It is concluded from the literature that the morals of a leader should include a caring attitude towards the employees (Bass & Steidlmeier, 1999). Manager’s behaviour towards employees motivates an employee to trust the manager, foster the creative environment, and flow of ideas. (Gilbert & Tang, 1998).

Moral leadership deals with employees with kindness and respect. This affects the commitment of the employee positively, and they feel empowered, and the flow of ideas increases. Moral leader truthfulness acts as a Substance for innovation and creativity. Hence it is proved that moral leadership is important in this era, and it enhances the commitment of the employees.